There is currently no position open for application. If you are interested in working for EA Germany in another role, please fill in this survey (1min).

Other high impact jobs

  • 80,000 Hours Job Board
    Over 500 jobs listed that help solve some of the world's most pressing problems

  • Animal Advocacy Careers Job Board

  • Effective Altruism Funds
    Grants from $1000 to $300 000 for projects that improve the world in the fields of Global Health, Animal Welfare, EA Infrastructure & Long-Term Future. If you have a suitable project idea, we encourage you to read more and apply for funding. If you're unsure, email them or contact us, we are happy to give feedback and support.


In the EA Volunteering Facebook group, individual EA organisations share their volunteering opportunities. However, note that most high impact work is complex and cannot be done by volunteers. If you do not yet have a career plan for yourself yet, you might want to do that first and then see if and how volunteering could help you do the most good longterm.