Operations Associate

Applications are closed. Contact us if you want to work with us.

About the German Effective Altruism community

Effective Altruism (EA) is a philosophy and social movement that uses evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to help others. It’s a diverse community of researchers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists spread around the globe, working together on various causes such as global health, animal welfare and risks of emerging technologies to reduce suffering and improve lives as good as they can.

The German EA community spans 25 city groups, 200-300 highly engaged members and >2000 followers, which makes it the third-largest in the world. The community consists of students and professionals from a variety of fields. We have researchers at the Max Planck Society, civil servants working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, philanthropy organisations such as effektiv-spenden.org and legacies.now, non-profit & for-profit entrepreneurs, donors earning to give and many more. Now we want to hire a Co-Director as well as an Operations Associate to better support the growing community and multiply its impact.

About the role

As operations associate, you will support the two directors at EA Germany with a variety of tasks within the areas of research, communications and event management to ensure that our programs run smoothly and efficiently and to increase the impact of EA Germany.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Communications
    Compile monthly newsletters, design banners and information material, (help) moderate discussion on our online platforms (Facebook, Slack etc.), help maintain the website

  • Event Management
    Co-create events, search for venues, handle invitations and registration

  • Research
    Help monitor the impact of EA Germany, research questions that help inform strategy (such as identifying the best opportunities for EA outreach)

  • Office Management

  • Accounting and legal administration: Keep an overview of expenses, continually improving the process

Some of these tasks could potentially be outsourced while other new tasks might arise. We are happy to discuss specifics with you at a later point in the application process.

About You

We expect a successful candidate to:

  • Be well-organised, self-motivated and reliable
  • Enjoy taking on a variety of tasks and new challenges
  • Pay attention to detail, especially when working on important tasks such as finances and public announcements
  • Be fine with also doing routine, admin tasks which sometimes might be less exciting
  • Speak English and German and have EU/EEA citizenship or other work permit for Germany

These additional criteria would be beneficial but they are not required:

  • Having good interpersonal and communication skills (if you want to do more communication)
  • Having an “optimiser-mindset”: Identifying ways to make our processes more efficient and implement them, and being proactive about finding and fixing mistakes
  • Having prior experience in operations work
  • Living in Berlin or willing to travel occasionally for major events


Ideally, this would be a tax-exempt (student) “Minijob” paid €450/month for 5 –12 h/week with an hourly rate of €10–15 (depending on skills and experience). Depending on the candidate’s skills and the workload, we could also pay up to 20 h/week (as “working student” or similar) for up to €1000/month, and for exceptional candidates that also take on other responsibilities we could pay up to €1300/month before tax for 20 h/week.

Work environment and culture

  • Flexible working hours & vacation time, both remote work / home office as well as working in the EA community space in Berlin-Wedding is possible
  • Open communication, critical thinking encouraged, plenty of (mutual) feedback to facilitate learning

Why apply?

  • Maximise the impact of EA Germany

As operations associate you will act as a multiplier. As with any young non-profit, there is always a lot more valuable work to do than the Director (Manuel Allgaier) and Co-Director (tbd) can do. While most of the work such as career coaching and organising conferences does require experience, many other operations tasks can be done by a motivated student or young professional with little to no relevant experience who is eager to learn. If you take over tasks that the directors are not a good fit for or lack time, you can act as a multiplier and increase the organisations overall impact. To give an example: Every two hour task you take over from a director allows that director to coach two more community members which then might go on to do great things with their careers.

  • Learn and grow

As operations associate, you gain a unique look behind the scenes of a young, growing organisation. Many successful managers started working in operations, where they built up the skills, knowledge and network that helped them advance in their current role.

Operations skills are needed in almost all organisations, so if you’re good at them, you can easily transfer into similar roles at other organisations and will always have plenty of impactful and exciting projects.

As directors inspired by Effective Altruism, we really care about your wellbeing and your impact beyond EA Germany, and we are happy to support you in your personal and professional development.