Below you will find an overview of our programmes. Follow the links for more detailed information.

Operational support

Employment and Support of Grantees (Employer of Record for Grantees)

Management of grants for EA groups

  • Processing and acceptance of grants for EA groups ("fiscal sponsorship")
  • Support in tracking expenses and grant budgeting for local groups


How to contact the EAD Operations Team
Please contact us at least one month in advance for requests for operational support at:

For enquiries about the Employer of Record service, please send an email to:

The decision on whether to approve a new project is based on EAD's capacity and the project's fit with EAD's overall objectives.

Support for local groups

For local group organisers, we offer:

  • Monthly calls
  • Infrastructure with an email address and Google Workspace
  • 1-1 calls
  • A collection of materials
  • Biannual Retreats

For further information, please contact Sarah:

Intro Program

The four-week introductory programme on effective altruism includes discussion groups, challenges such as a Vegan Week and a Giving Game, as well as mentoring. We approach the question How can we do the most good? from a theoretical and practical perspective.
For more information, click here.

Career Program

For people in and from Germany, we offer courses, talks and coaching calls that combine career advice with local connections.
You can find more information here.


We are organising the EAGxBerlin 2023 conference in September. Further information.


We communicate about effective altruism via this website, our monthly newsletter, social media and Slack. For media enquiries, we put journalists in touch with domain experts and provide background information about effective altruism in Germany.

Community Health

As part of our values, we want to promote a diverse and healthy community.

Milena Canzler is available as a confidante in cases of

  • private and interpersonal problems,
  • tensions within local groups,
  • (suspected) violation of our Code of Conduct,
  • for discussions about concerning developments in the EA community,
  • and to provide feedback to EA organisations/staff.

You can reach her via our contact form (German or English), or via email. In her role, she is on call for events, trains awareness teams for locally organised events and provides German resources for Community Health. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid.
In addition, a Code of Conduct and other standards apply to our events.

Further programmes

We describe further programmes in our strategy.