Erst denken. Dann Gutes tun.

Ekaterina engagiert sich für die Community des Effektiven Altruismus in Deutschland.


Hier findest Du eine Auswahl der Veranstaltungen der Community des Effektiven Altruismus in Deutschland. Eine Übersicht über internationale Online-Events findest Du hier.

Wenn Du von einem relevanten Event weißt das hier noch fehlt, schreib uns bitte eine E-Mail.

12. August | Lead Exposure Elimination Project mit Lucia Coulter (Englisch & Deutsch)
  • Wann?

    12.08.21 19:00 – 12.08.21 21:30

  • Beschreibung
    • Talk (in English) with Lucia Coulter, director of the Lead Exposure Elimination Project (Charity Entrepreneurship alumni).
    • Discussion (both in German & English)

    One in three children has dangerous levels of lead in their bloodstream. This lead acts as a potent toxin that can cause irreversible harm to their brains and vital organs.

    The impact on cognitive development is estimated to be responsible for almost $1 trillion of income loss globally per year. At the same time, the health effects cause 1 million deaths and 22 million DALYs per year. - 1% of the global burden of disease. A primary cause of lead exposure is lead paint, widespread and unregulated in over 100 countries.

    The Lead Exposure Elimination Project (LEEP) advocates for lead paint regulation in countries with large and growing burdens of lead poisoning from paint. Their approach is to identify these countries, create incentives through awareness, and support governments to introduce and enforce lead paint laws.

    More info on the Facebook Event

13. - 16. August 2021 | 3rd European EA Unconference (Englisch)
  • Wann?

    13.08.21 18:00 – 16.08.21 11:00

  • Beschreibung

    --- advanced event for people who are already familiar with the EA philosophy and want to implement it to do the most good ---

    Last year’s EA Unconference was a success: Participants rated it an 9.4/10 and found it on average 9x as valuable as what they would have done otherwise. Therefore, we plan to organize it again this year with the same concept: a 4 day (3 nights) gathering of 30-50 aspiring Effective Altruists with participant-driven program. Most of it will be related to EA or rationality, but there is also space for non-EA related useful and/or fun program such as going swimming, dancing or music at the campfire.

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